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Playgroud Service

Professionally cleaning playground sand for 25 years using

deep cleaning technology for sand, the TerraCleaner®

The TerraCleaner® is a piece of machinery developed by us for deep cleaning playground sand.

Our speciality:

Tricky special assignments in which we can show off our entire range of services.


- Patented technology

- Optimum mechanisation

- Tremendous efficiency

- Small turning circle

- Excellent manoeuvrability

- State-of-the-art technology

Scientific reports by the hygiene institute, TÜV and DEKRA

References from decision makers – even the senate of Berlin appreciates the TerraCleaner® and its advantageous, effective and optimal way of working.

External monitoring ensures the quality of our services.

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Careful playground sand cleaning demonstrates an inexpensive alternative to replacement playground sand.

With a sand rake, you can only work up to a depth of 3 cm. A motor hoe does not clean, it merely shatters glass in the sand. A conventional beach cleaner only reaches a working depth of 12 cm. We did not think that this was in any way satisfactory. That is why we invented and built the TerraCleaner®, which does this work perfectly!

With the help of the TerraCleaner®, a special cleaning machine for playground sand, which can handle even the most difficult tasks in sand boxes of every shape and size, we can guarantee a careful, thorough cleaning of sand boxes down to the very bottom. In doing so, all foreign objects are removed, the sand is scarified and intensively ventilated at the same time – right up to the box edges.

Finally, sandy areas are levelled and the box edges are swept – all part of our service.


Through patented filtration:

  • Very fine screening
  • Aeration of the playground sand
  • Scarification resulting in a dune-soft finish (excellent fall protection)